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There indeed was a fuel temp sensor circuit. At least a wire at the pin.

Pinout chart said it should measure 2.8 to 3.4 volts key on, 77 degrees outside.

I measured it and it read about 5-6ish, don't recall excactly.

So I took the wire and soldered in a 270 ohm resistor on it in series to ground. Volts dropped on the pin to about 4.5

So I added in more resitors in series until I got the measurement to just under 3 volts.

Took 4, 270 ohm resistors to get there.

Cleared codes and bang, check engine light off for the first time since installation of the EJ engine (about a month)

I didn't like all the resitors in series, so I just went to radio shack and got a 1k ohm resistor (1/2 watt rated) and put it in instead. Works

So there you go eveybody.......1k resistor tricks the Fuel temp circuit FTW
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