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Originally Posted by rexblake View Post
it will hold 28-29psi to redline, I'd love to see a vf do that. .
I don't know which turbo you are talking about, but the HTA68 is completely maxed out at around 22 PSI @ 7000 RPM on a EJ205. This is the unported version with a lot of increase from the wastegate duty to avoid boost taper. 30 PSI midrange is no problem though.

If you want to run it that high boost, you need VERY efficient intercooler and/or E85 to cool down the charge. Otherwise you need to take out soooooo much timing to avoid knock that it's wiser to run a bit less boost. (which will give you more power overall)

This turbo works (very) well on EJ205/207 on pump fuel with decent FMIC, but not with stock TMIC. On EJ255/257 it works very nice also on TMIC and pump fuel. It really shines with E85 (on either 2.0 or 2.5 engines) even with TMIC. I am talking about the stock FP version with 7cm turbine housing.

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