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They had a good run with this little turbo. FP, Slap some more parts togther.. Nasioc needs a new "turbo of the week"

I have seen this time and time again With turbo shops in the last 8 years I have been here. THey come out with some new super turbo. Kick back to some dyno shop to make amazing plots. They sell a thousand of them and people realize, it actualy sucks.

Skip the 18G altogher. I never liked the 18G on these motors. 16G or 20G is what I recomend.


Originally Posted by wrxsti.l View Post
You post a link to a thread where a guy claims he made 399. No dyno sheet, no logs, nothing. My car makes 600whp with a TD04

And the HTA68 was on E70. Check the list, there are 18g's making more power on less boost with less timing (plus I'm pretty sure Renosuby's result was on 93 pump fuel)

I'm not having a go at your choice for using a HTA68, just the incorrect information that ppl constantly spread about the HTA68.

TBH the HTA68 is a great turbo for what it is - a 16g that provides fast boost response with a little more whp then stock sti turbo - but at the end of the day, it is only a 16g with a ~10% higher flowing comp wheel.

PPL should stop quoting and spreading the BS power figures, as it is distracting and wrong and leads to other NASIOC members buying a turbo that does not meet their needs.

Time and time agin ppl have shown the HTA68 doesn't make the numbers on pump fuel. Most get around 300whp on pump - and that is on a dyno, and every man + dog knows dyno are for tuning, not for accurately comparing whp/tq figures.

As I mentioned above, at the end of the day, it is only a 16g with a ~10% higher flowing comp wheel - so regardless of turbine flow, you're still limited by the low flowing compressor wheel.

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