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<GTF> Bummper tap- Each tap sends a message. "The first time means I'm here. The second times means you better pick another groove to run. The third time means I'm picking the groove for you!
* GTF doesn't give a 3rd tap
<GTF> one = Hi!
<GTF> 2 = I am faster you run that lane
<thug> hah
<GTF> some times I just drive in the dirt next to you and move you up all 3 lanes
<subrew> get leon to buy up a few more total **** boxes, and we'll rent them from him and do an IRC celebrity race
<GTF> haha
<GTF> that would be awesome
<GTF> wonder how all you fools would be in contact
<subrew> i get all kevin harvick
<JGard> I would avoid it at all costs
<GTF> it's scary until you hit once
<JGard> and any time I got hit, I'd scream like a girl
<GTF> then it dont bother you any more
<JGard> but then
<JGard> I would dive-bomb everybody
<GTF> i would so spin jgard on the caution lap
<subrew> Kimmy's Mom Memorial 100
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