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Default Protuning by Jorge (RiftsWRX) - Our Monthly Tuning Sessions

In order to offer a complete comprehensive level of care to our clients, IAG offers professional pro tuning for AccessPORT equipped vehicles. IAG works with Jorge Carrillo (RiftsWRX), one of the most recognized and respected COBB Tuners (AccessTuners) in the USA. Jorgeís philosophy of customer care matches IAGís, the customer comes first and their satisfaction is our priority. Jorgeís tuning provides real world increases without sacrificing engine longevity and reliability.
Custom AP Tuning is $500.00 and provides up to two hours of AWD dyno tuning, which in many cases provides both a pump gas file and race gas file. Tuning is available for all Subaru WRX, STI, Forester XT, Legacy GT / Spec B turbo models.

About Pro Tuning:
Pro tuning is necessary for clients that have enhanced their vehicles with power adders not supported by general COBB maps such as big turbos both stock location and rotated turbo systems, cams, hybrid engine conversion etc. Pro tuning is also for clients that wish to take off the shelf COBB maps and tweek them for improved driveability, throttle response as well as increased horsepower and torque.

Does IAG have to work on my car to receive a pro tune?
- No, you can schedule a pro tune with us even if you have not received work from our facility.

Will you pro tune using OpenECU or Open Source?
- No, because Open ECU does not allow for real-time mapping changes like AccessPORT Pro Tuner Software which our pro tuner prefers.

Do I need anything for preparation before a pro tuning session?
- Yes, you will require an AccessPORT V1 or V2 with the latest firmware and dongle updates. We stock COBB APís if you need to purchase one. Next your car should be in good mechanical condition, free of boost, vacuum, exhaust, coolant and oil leaks. We require a pre-dyno inspection some time in the weeks prior to the pro tune session to diagnose any problems that may arise and fix them before the car is on the dyno. The pre-dyno inspection will only be performed on the car when it it EXACTLY how it will be tuned (all parts installed).

Do you provide Air / Fuel Ratio charts?
- Yes, we provide the air fuel ratio charts along with corresponding horsepower and torque charts. All the dyno files are available to the client and the client is free to observe the dyno session in person.

What dyno do you use for pro tuning?
- IAG's facility features a Dynojet 424 AWD in ground dyno. Our pro tuner prefers this type of dyno for tuning, it provides horsepower and torque number measurements at the wheels. There has always been a controversy as to which dyno reads highest or lowest. We feel that a dyno is a tuning tool that can simply measure the before tune and after tune numerically. The real measurement is the customers satisfaction with the overall increase in torque, horsepower and driveability.

Call IAG Performance 410-840-3555 to make an appointment to pro tune your Subaru.

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