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Pro Tuning by Jorge (RiftsWRX)

As many of you may know IAG and RiftsWRX (Jorge Carillo) have teamed up to bring the MAIC community regular dyno-tuning sessions each month. Jorge has an absolutely outstanding reputation tuning Subarus, and is one of the most renowned Accessport Pro-tuners in the country!

How It Works...
Tuning spots are available for $500 and you will receive UP TO 2 hours of dyno tuning. Sometimes, it will take the whole session to finish up your tune... Other times, it may take only an hour or so. At this point, if you are satisfied, you are welcome to go on your way. However, if there is enough remaining tuning time, you have the option of adding a second tune for race gas or meth. Many of our tuning customers choose to add a race-gas map in addition to their street maps.

Successful preparation leads to successful tuning!!!
To tune with us at IAG Performance, we are now requiring that you have a PDI (Pre-Dyno Inspection) performed on your vehicle prior to tuning. This service will need to be performed at our facility sometime in the several weeks prior to tuning. Pre-dyno inspections WILL NOT be performed the weekend of tuning, as we need to have all cars 100% ready to go prior to Jorge flying in.

The IAG Performance Pre-Dyno Inspection
-IAG performs a compression test and changes plugs if needed
-IAG performs both boost and vacuum leak test
-IAG checks car over for major oil or exhaust leaks
-IAG changes oil and filter (oil & filter sold separately)
-IAG looks over car carefully to ensure it is in tunable condition.

Pre-Dyno Inspection will be performed at a discounted rate of $99.
At most tuning shops, the services offered for our Pre-Dyno Inspection would run roughly $250, but we want to do everything in our power to be sure that these tuning days run as smooth as possible. Performing these services does not necessarily guarantee a 100% perfect tuning day, but it does mean that we have made every effort to come equipped and give the tuner a vehicle that has been fully prepared for Pro-tuning.

What happens if there is a problem on the dyno?
You receive the full support and expertise of both our owner and lead technician. We will wrench on your car and do everything in our power to ensure a successful tune. Of course, we can never guarantee that every car will go without issues, but this is our guarantee that we will do everything in our power to try to make your tuning day a success!

What do we need from you?
If you would like to reserve a tuning spot, please PM, email, or call us. We require a $100 deposit to hold your spot. Tuning spots will be sold on a first come first serve basis, and a spot is only considered filled when we receive the deposit. Deposits can be made via Paypal, major credit card by calling us, or in person by cash or check. DO NOT send a deposit without speaking to us first. Please contact us with any questions regarding tuning, installation, pre-dyno, etc. PRIOR to making your deposit, as it is non-refundable (see below)

Important Note:
If you cannot make your dyno session for any reason, your $100 deposit is NOT refundable. We make a commitment to this session and to our tuner, and we are interested in working with customers who share that same level of commitment. In certain circumstances, if we are able to fill the tuning spot, we can apply your $100 to a future tuning session, should catastrophic circumstances arise. The most important thing to us, is that before you make your deposit, you are 100% committed to tuning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does IAG Tune?
As you may have seen in our recent MAIC post, we have completed install of our new in-house DynoJet! Tuning now takes place exclusively at our facility in Westminster, MD!

What kind of engine management does Jorge tune at the IAG sessions?
The primary tuning device that we tune is the Cobb Accessport. Jorge will also tune stand-alone devices such as AEM for some customers. We DO NOT offer tuning for UTEC or OpenSource. For more details, feel free to call or email with questions.

When will I find out my tuning time?
We will notify tuning customers some time the week prior to tuning with a finalized schedule. We take customers’ desired times in to consideration, but this does not guarantee that everyone will receive their desired time on the nose (example, typically at least 5 customers want to tune in the first spot on Saturday…)

If I have performance upgrades installed on my car prior to the tuning date, will my car be safe to drive until that weekend?
Jorge can build a “safe file” for your Cobb AP. We will need at least 1 week lead-time to order these files and have them ready.

In short, you can’t beat $500 for up to two pro-tuned maps by one of the best Cobb tuners in the country and the on-hand support of our experienced staff to back you up. We feel that the MAIC community deserves this level of tuning and care and are glad to be a part of it. If you have any questions please PM, call or email the shop. If you can’t make it to this session, don’t worry, there will be many more!


IAG Performance
[email protected]

Important note: For tuning specific questions, please feel free to contact Jorge at [email protected]. DO NOT contact Jorge at P&L Motorsports for any reason. If you need to reach him, contact him via this email address or call here at the shop!

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