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Thanks guys! I'm surprised anyone got the CB4 reference. I have thrown a few molotov cocktails, and have met a few people worth stabbing. But I assure you my record is clean. Crystal Glass on 6th street fixed me up (and cheap) and now I'm all registered and plated in BC!

Now...on that note. I was just joking about telling you guys how to do things, but auto insurance, bros you're doing it wrong. After bumping up my deductibles a bit it's still $3600/yr! WTFMFBWISYF?! Even after I prove no claims for eight years and get the 40% off, that's still $700/yr more than what I was paying! Ugh, now I'm thinking I really need a job. Now that's a depressing thought!

Gas, yes, too expensive. However there's no ethanol free 94 in Ontario. Though I did take a pic of a gas station (don't laugh) in Calgary on the way over here. 88.9/L

First-second-third-nations? We're all just Kenyans who went for a walk one day and got a little lost.

Certainly only transplant car guys/girls can properly appreciate what a lack of road salt means! Halle-fraking-luja!

Well, I'll try and make a meet night, so be sure to tell all your female friends and relatives that I'm available. Tonight however I'm spoken for. And already mildly incapacitated!
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