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Default Engine Install Problems. Locked it up...

So I recently rebuilt my 92 2.2 motor and I installed it into my AWD, Auto legacy yesterday. Long story short, got the engine in, put the torque converter bolts back on, realized that I never got the engine mount studs into their holes, so I jacked it up a little and popped them in, and then I finished bolting the engine together. But later when I tried to start the engine, it was locked up, couldn't turn it with a breaker bar either.

Back in high school I messed up a TC on my mustang by not having it in all the way when I bolted the engine to the tranny. I ended up crushing my tranny fluid pump. I'm hoping this wasn't so bad...

Any tips on how to remedy this without pulling the engine all the way again? Thus far I plan to loosen the engine to tranny bolts and see if it will spin then. Then maybe the bolts on the TC. But I don't know what I'd do from there if it doesn't work.
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