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Originally Posted by wrxsti.l View Post
And that right there is the real problem. If it is on a dyno sheet it must be true. Not having a go at you mate, but this attitude needs to stop. It does wonders to sell products, but it does nothing for the hundreds/thousands of customers who spent their hard earned cash on a turbo expecting it to perform like a turbo making these numbers and it doesn't.

A 411whp full weight 3500lbs WRX/STi should trap at least 120mph - most HTA68 WRX's are lucky to break 105mph, and that right there says <300whp.

I agree. That's why I posted it. However, I don't see this one random "411whp" dyno pull any different than the higher reading vf39 or 16/18/20g pulls I have seen on a dyno. I personally believe the 411whp pull on MAP's dyno is complete and utter BS. No doubt in my mind.

Not only do I have personal experience with MAP as a business (**** would be the appropriate word here, I have never experienced such horrible customer service in all respects, including sending me the wrong parts I personally called in to order), but I have also heard stories of people going to dyno shoot out days there and making astronomically higher numbers than they precisely experienced. And to think that the thread was started by an employee of MAP.... They clearly have other motives for providing huge dyno numbers.

Regardless, the 68hta is great, for stock 2.0 heads. If someone starts throwing headwork into the mix, it's not a very good turbo. A larger hotside is mandatory (from the 7cm) and I'd even go so far as to say a larger turbo is needed.

I ran the 68hta with my headwork (bc valvtrain, 272 cams), on pump it sucked donkey balls, with E85 I made 80whp more than my small 16g and spooled the same. Boom. This is a great turbo for stock heads and high octane (it needs high octane). However, with headwork I was losing all power by 6500rpm. Hence why I now have a dom 3xt-r. I wait for the power but it provides a longer rpm power band.
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