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Default Wheel size?

First of all I want to introduce myself: I'm the fresh owner of a Legacy sedan 2000 in that blue-isch / purple-isch color. I fill my days with selling high-end car audio and studiing half time. For the record, i live in Belgium and English is my thirt language, so please don't mind the typo's.

I'm now looking for wheels and after asking in the dedicated Legacy part of this forum they directed me to here.


In the mean time I extensively used the search function and came up with some interesting links, but all concerning Impreza's and the comment "mostly thats ok for a Legacy to".

I'm kinda leaning towards 18's since looks are quite important (car will become a demo-vehicle for high end car audio), but i don't want to lose usability of my car. I just need to be capable of driving it around with a full trunk and 5 people in it just the way i can now. Ans if that is not posible, 17's it wil be ...

So, i need to know wich wheel/tyre combo will fit. I also noticed we (europeans) mount less wide tyres then u americans. A 205 wide tire on a 7.5 inch rimm is not even concidered as narow.

And last but not least i'd like to see some pictures of nice 17's mounted on a Legacy. Because if I love the looks i don't have to go trough the hastle of fitting an 18.

Thanks, hope you guys can help me !
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