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I love the generalizations and exaggerations that are thrown around when talking about the coppers. Any vehicle is considered a "deadly weapon" due to the speeds and damage they can cause. In this instance obviously it would have a hard time being deadly. That being said, of course pulling the badge or flashing some lights would have been wise but we are also not privy to the whole story and there COULD be more to it than we know (guy on bike could have had a history or made threatening gestures before stopping...who knows...and really...who cares) A cop pulled his gun, no harm no foul.

As for our cops not being any better/different. Could you please explain how the RCMP incident at the airport was murder? At what point did they plan to kill him? Out of the number of police in greater Vancouver, how many have been caught/charged with DUI?

I'm actually pretty tired of cops getting bashed all the time. I know and you know that there are some "bad cops" but by FAR the majority are good people doing a very tough job. I am a firm believer that we should not criticize them until we have walked a mile in their shoes. At a minimum go for a ride along. I have some friends who are cops, paramedics and fireman and I think it is RIDICULOUS what crap they have to put up with in order to perform their job. My friend who is a FIREMAN got DOODOO thrown at him when he was helping a crack addict who was OD'ing because other douchebags figured they were arresting the guy (since the coppers had arrived), when their SOLE and ONLY concern was to save a guys life.

Then we get the Olympics where you have these buttplugs that come here just to cause trouble and "protest" by smashing windows, bothering citizens trying to enjoy the games and the cops have to deal with them with kiddie gloves. LAME. And it's because of whiners like YOU!

Obviously there needs to be a line of what conduct is acceptable but far too often we get know where near that before people start making a stink because it infringes on their personal space or inconveniences them.
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