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Originally Posted by 2010 WRX Limited View Post


1. Catalytic converters, contrary to popular belief, were not created to combat global warming. They were fitted on combustion engines as an answer to the smog in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Their premise was that they would reduce hydrocarbons which are cooked by the sun and create the brown haze in the sky.

Can you please qualify this and explain how you came up with "popular belief" as a fact?

2. The problem with cats is that although they reduce hydrocarbons, they actually emit more nitrous oxide which is actually 300 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Could you please explain how an efficiently working cat INCREASES NO2 gases over NOT using one?

3. Cars without cats are not necessarily louder than those with cats. The muffler and resonator designs have much more effect on the loudness of a car than the catalytic converter.

Can you tell me how this is a fact? If you have the identical exhaust system (from the cat back) and take both a catted and catless DP (or midpipe for an NA car) do you really think the catless will be quieter?

4. Some people object to cars without cats saying they emit foul smells. By that logic would driving a diesel be foul as well? I think not. If you want your car to smell good, you should get a diesel and run your own homemade biodiesel and you can drive around smelling like French fries.

They do, again, please explain how a catless car emits less odor than a catted car

5. This is the clincher: Catalytic converters are made up of precious metals that require significant energy to be extracted. The pollution created by the harvesting of these precious metals has actually caused the area of Norlisk, Russia to be added to Time Magazine's list of the most polluted places.

Can you please provide some numbers on this, such as which is more, the amount of emissions it takes to produce said metals or the amount of emissions a cat decreases during it's lifetime and for whatever use they get recycled for?

Thank you, and in the future, if you are going to make statements such as these and tout them as FACTS please back them up.
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