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I checked earlier today.
Using 12V + on one lead of the multimeter and the neutral sense on the one the other, I got 12V.
I don't know why it shows voltage when testing against ground...
EDIT: OK After playing a bit more I have discovered that the neutral sense wire is really ground in Gear, which is why is shows voltage and a little current when tested against ground in neutral, but it isn't enough to power anything.
I had tried hooking up the Starter +12V to one side of the coil and the Neutral Sense to the other and then starting the car - No relay clicky. However, I noticed if I put the car into gear the relay would activate(NOT GOOD). So I decided for safety to go with 2 relays, one on the starter, to close the cutch switch, and the second, a Normally Closed one on the starter and Neutral Sense which OPENS the clutch switch if it is in gear. So the clutch switch connection goes through both realys in series, One closes with Current, the other opens with the car in gear.

What I have looks like this:
Relay 1 Normally Open - Clutch Bypass
Pin 87 One side of the clutch switch
Pin 30 Relay 2 pin 87a
Pin 86 12V + Starter out from alarm
Pin 85 Ground

Relay 2 Normally Closed - In gear bypass disconnect
Pin 87a Relay 1 pin 30
Pin 30 Other side of clutch switch
Pin 86 12V + Starter out from alarm
Pin 85 Neutral Sense (- when in gear)

I HIGHLY recommend when messing with your clutch bypass relays that you test all the wires with a multitester and, after hooking it all up, disconnect one of the clutch switch wires and try using the remote start. Simulate what happens both in gear and out of gear.
Then, once you have verified everything works as expected, take the car out on the street where you can't hit anything in front of you, and remote start the car. Then do it in gear. Then do it a few more times to be sure.
Standard Disclaimer applies.
Good Luck.
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