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Originally Posted by ScoobyAficionado View Post
Chris, I was in a rush to drop the new Killer B pan off with my builder the other day and I didn't get a chance to measure the "brim-filled" volume of your pan. If you have one around there, could I ask you to do that? Having the Cosworth baffle, I want to know what the "DEFINITELY not to exceed in the pan" level is, then put a scribe mark on the dipstick like you suggest. Then I'll live somewhere between the Subaru Full and Cosworth Full points. I'm guessing that another quart would go in to that point.

(Add a big oil cooler and a 2 quart Accusump, and I intend to pilot the Exxon Valdez. Lost one short block to lack of oil at the track, I'm not doing that again.)

P.S.: Saying it again... great fitment to the Full-Race twin scroll headers, eh!
It's slightly more than what should read full with our pan. It should read full at ~5.3 quarts and brim full is ~5.5 quarts. You can go over 6 quarts before in interferes with the crank and it will drop bellow the brim of the pan once the car starts and the filter, turbo lines and all the galleys fill. I DO NOT recommend this (no matter whos baffle you use). In fact the ONLY time I've heard of overfilling the pan it was with endurance cars that knew they were going to loose over a quart during the coarse of a race.

I'm glad to hear it fits with the F-R pan... with more clearance than I remembered

Originally Posted by Vlad View Post

Cosworth is 5.2 pounds
ARC is 9.3 pounds

Do you think that the Sti pan may hold slightly less oil than the WRX ?
The EJ25 (STi and EVERY Impreza after 2006) does hold less than the EJ20 (pre-2006 WRX). The older WRX pans hold .3 quarts more. IMO the design improvemnts of the EJ25 pan FAR outweighs the .3 increase in capacity. I always recommend upgrading the older EJ20 oil pans to the EJ25 version for anyone who likes the twisties.
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