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Default Visconti @ TheShopCT hands on with EcuTek RaceRom

Event: Dyno Tune !
Location: THESHOPCT | Norwalk, CT
Ambient Temp: 75 degrees
Elevation: sea level
Weather: Dark outside - very dark !

Car: 2005 STi - 75K
Tuner: Visconti aka BUILTSTI
Dyno Info: Dyno Dynamcis @ 1.2CF
Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: 240WHP

Just got off the dyno a little while ago.

Wow EcuTek has blown me away !!

huh ? What? - ya !

The new EcuTek RaceRom is just awesome !

What's RaceRom?

RaceRom is EcuTek's new product that will allow new advanced ECU features in our Subarus.

Some of the Key Features -
-On the Fly Map Switching
-Launch Control
-Proper No Lift Shift (As in it doesn't break your motor)
-Per Gear Boost Control
-Speed Density

The test car tonight is currently just a basic 05 STi

Tonight's mission wasn't to make a new HP record on a VF39 but to get my hands dirty with EcuTek's new RaceRom.

1 Step Colder plugs
Turbo back Exhaust
EcuTek Race Rom

Map 1:
Pump gas 93 Octane
Launch Control

Map 2:
100 Octane
Launch Control
No Lift Shift
Per Gear Boost Control

Car put down
332whp - 335tq 18psi on Pumpgas
355whp - 370tq 18.5psi on 100 Octane.

All of the new EcuTek features I tested worked flawlessly.

A side from being able to switch to a racegas map on the fly my next favorite feature is the "auto-blip" that car now has.

Basically when your slowing down + down shifting the car automatically blips the throttle for you. I wasn't too sure about that feature myself, but I swear it puts smile on my face every time I use it - its just so darn cool

With the Per Gear Boost Control I was able to dial in the boost better. The car now holds better boost in first, second, third gear with out the car over boosting in the taller gears.

Once I get caught up at the shop I'll spend some time setting up one of our High Horse Power Subaru's with EcuTek RaceRom.

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