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Originally Posted by Subirex09 View Post
Has anyone gotten a diagnosis on this problem and had it fixed?

Occasionally, this is only the 2nd or 3rd time it happened, I feel a consistent vibration in the clutch pedal between shifts, it seems to vibrate to the motor rpms, along with a higher pitched squeaking that sounds rotational seemingly under the the way a bad pulley would sound. I was very worried when I heard it tonight. It is cold out but the car was completely warmed up. I do NOT get this vibration like a lot of others during cold starts. It happened right after I got off the highway...I had kind of a poor shift into gear after I got off the exit ramp but I didn't drive it abnormally in any way. I don't beat on it and I only have a short shifter for mods, nothing else.

This squeaking and vibration happened until I shut the car off. When I restarted, it was ok.

Anyone have a similar experience?

I have a 2009 wrx sedan with just over 41k miles and I just started getting this problem.

To give a little background, I picked up the car in Jan '09. A few months later, I noticed a rotational squealing sound which seemed to go away as soon as I pushed in the clutch, and came back when I let the clutch all the way back out. I got worried, searched online, and convinced myself it was a bad throw out bearing.

So I took the car to the dealership at that time, explained what I had observed, and asked their opinion. Of course by then I was unable to reproduce the problem for them (though they did make a note of it).

The problem basically went away by itself shortly thereafter, as the weather got warmer. I forgot all about it.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. About 20k miles after the first incident, the problem finally returned. At first I didn't think much of it, because it went away after a couple weeks the first time it happened, and so much time had elapsed since then.

Then I experienced the clutch pedal vibration the OP described above. For what it's worth, I also have a short shifter (SPT) like the OP, in addition to the STI short shifter bushing and STI Group "N" Engine and Transmission mounts.

Anyway, the clutch pedal vibration returns when shifting aggressively, at high RPMs. Every time it happens, a "stab" or two of the clutch pedal seems to restore a smooth clutch feel. Without the quick "stab", the vibration can persist through a few shifts, during which time a "squealing" sound can also be heard.

Aside from this issue, the car has been an absolute blast and is by far the best thing I've ever bought for myself. Unfortunately, I've really lost confidence in the car since this new clutch vibration problem started and want so bad to have it fixed.

I noticed an earlier post where a vendor mentioned "The noise is coming from the clutch fork vibrating against the slave cylinder pin. It can easily be misdiagnosed as a bad throw out bearing."

Could this also result in the clutch pedal vibration described?

I have an appointment with the dealership first thing monday morning, and will report back any news. I would just like to go in as prepared as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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