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Originally Posted by stihellride2005 View Post
you didn't change your spark plugs did you? It sounds like what happens when you put the wrong gapped plugs in,will run fine until you boost.
The car was tuned the day before this happened on the very same plugs. Also, the car was being boosted a couple times before this issue came up. 2-3 WOT pulls before this came up.

Car made 388whp on these plugs on EFI's Mustang dyno.

Originally Posted by Csquared33 View Post
does your oil smell like gas?
Hadnt checked. I can do that though. What are you getting at? gas in the oil from a cylinder not firing?

Originally Posted by Csquared33 View Post
wait 06's are still side feeds so if the cap fell off on his dw injector, unplugging it wont do a thing since it'll still flood the cyl. my guesses are either a tank of very bad gas, or he had the cap pop off a dw 850
Yes, 06s are side feed. What are you referring to as the cap? The gray cap on top of the injector or the plug? All the injectors are firing as far as I can tell. I put a long screw driver up to each one and listened and could hear each one firing.

Bad tank of gas is a possibility. I filled up at BJs on 93 like I always do. No changes there. But as above, I filled up and drove the car hard for a few pulls on this very same tank of gas and it was fine for those pulls. Why would the quality of the gas suddenly change?

Originally Posted by woodys77 View Post
my car just started doing the same thing! around 8 psi it breaks up bad but idles fine.
comp good
fuel filter good
fuel pump good
fuel pressure good
no leaks
gonna change plugs and see what happens.

EFI got a virus?? can that even happen?
This is not a tuning issue. The car ran fine for the 345mile drive home from EFI and the next morning. However, if the car was tuned with a problem and then I fixed the problem, that could make it wack out..
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