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Default RCE Springs ride heights and rates (hopefully)

Alright, so I've been trying to figure out the ride heights of each type of RCE spring on a wagon as I am researching for my suspension setup. I've looked at way too many wagon suspension threads and RCE springs thread. I gathered all the tidbits of info I could find from here and there, RCE's website and some PMs with labcoat and I think I was able to figure it all out. This, generally speaking, are the ride heights with no spacers:

stock ride height = 15.25/14.25in = 387/362mm
Wagon ride height = 14.00/13.75in = 356/349mm => 31/13mm drop = 18mm diff.
Black ride height = 13.80/13.50in = 351/343mm => 36/19mm drop = 17mm diff.
Yellow ride height = 13.50/13.13in = 343/333mm => 44/29mm drop = 15mm diff.

Spacers (for reference)
3/8” = .375in = 9.5mm ~ 10mm
” = .25in = 6.35mm ~ 6mm

Here's how I calculated the numbers:
1) stock and wagon heights were straight from Myle's wagon springs gauge thread:

2) Labcoat has yellow springs on his car, 13.5in all around with 3/8" rear spacer, that's how I got the yellow ride height

3) RCE's website posts the drop of both blacks and yellows on an 04-07 STi, I just took the difference, added them to the yellow ride height to figure the black ride height

4) I also decided to figure out the difference between the F&R drops so the bigger the difference, the more even or level the car will be. As you can see, the wagon springs were made to be the most level because they were made for wagons and the blacks and yellows were for the 04-07 STi sedans.

Got it, check, I know - what about the differences in using different top hats, strut housing, etc.? If someone can figure that out, that would be great but I'll just consider those differences negligible.

And I also wanted to get all of the spring rates for reference:
Stock (06-07 wagon)= 163/132lbs/in = 2.9K/2.4K
Wagon = 278/259lbs/in = 4.9K/4.6K
Black = 285/269lbs/in = 5.1K/4.8K
Yellow = 295/275lbs/in = 5.3K/4.9K

Based off of these numbers, I think I will go with the blacks and no spacers now. Superorb made me think about the spacers and issues they might cause from just having another part in the system. At least for now, the blacks and no spacers.

If I am off with my numbers, please let me know. This should help wagon folks out who want RCE springs but don't know which to get.
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