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(This will work with any of the smaller after market lights that use a bolt and nut on the bottom to hold them in place.)

Parts Needed (I bought all of these at Home Depot)

Two 3' x 1 1/4" Non Coated Steel Bars - $4.42 each
Two 3/4" U bolts - $.97 each
One Can of Spray Paint - $3.92

Tools Needed
Jigsaw with metal cutting blades (A hack saw will even work!)
Hand Drill with drill bits suitable for metal
Table Vise
Set of Wrenches
Skinny Flat Head Screw Driver
Tape Measure





(I am going to assume that anyone tackling this job is good with tools, can be creative when they are met with a small problem, and can do most of this work just by looking at the pictures. I am only writing down the major steps so that you guys have a guideline)

The light bar is held up by the two radiator bolts (you can see one of these bolts in picture 2), two U bolts (arrow 2 in picture 2), and one small piece of metal in the middle (picture 3).

1. Cut one of the steel bars in half.
2. Take one half and drill a hole big enough for the radiator bolt 1" from the top of the bar.
3. Remove the black plastic grill that has the Subaru Emblem on it (there are hidden tabs that you must reach with the flat head screw driver)
4. This is the most time consuming part. Using the table vise and your muscles bend the bar into an S shape (view picture 1). This is pretty much just bending and fitting over and over again until you are satisfied with the shape. (You may have to cut into the corner of your grill a little bit to have a perfect fit. See arrow 1 in picture 2)
5. When the bar rests firmly on the bottom of the lowest and outermost hole of the plastic grill make an exact replica of this half with the other half of your steel bar.
6. Install them both with the grill and if you are satisfied take off the grill and drill a hole on each one that leads right through the sheet metal located about an inch below them. This is where you will install your U bolt.
7. Install the grill and mark where you need to drill a hole for the U bolt to pass through.
8. Drill that hole and install your U bolts.
9. The two halves will extend far past the bumper. Cut off the ends until they are shorter than your bumper.
10. Measure the distance between these two ends.
11. Cut the other 3' piece of steel to the distance measured.
12. Drill a hole in both ends of this piece of metal and in the end of both of the S shaped halves.
13. Install your lights into the holes you just drilled and tighten them down to hold the flat bar in place.
14. Drill more holes in the bar for more lights.
15. If you add more lights add a little strength to the bar like in picture 3.
16. Paint it.
17. You now have a homemade light bar for $15!

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