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Talking Vishnu Reset?

Originally posted by newbie sewbie
ok, so shiv, is this really to gain additional power or is this just a short cut for people whom have reset their ecu? would reseting the ecu, then driving it like you stole it for a few tanks allow the ecu to learn and eventaully get the same results?

just trying to figure out what the differences were, if any

btw.....what should we name this? i nominate:

vishnu reset

one more thing, i'll be trying this tomorrow morning, has anyone done it? if so, let's hear some review
Vishnu Reset? Me likes the sound of that

To answer your question, driving around hard for some time *should* eventually yield the same results. It will happen gradually and the final result will be totally dependent upon the quality of the ECU maps. Too aggressive in fuel, timing or boost maps and you will never see the max Advance Multiplier.

FWIW, we do all our ECU mapping with the Advance Multiplier maxed out. This way, the ECU is already at its most aggressive state with little chance for it over-advance itself dangerously as the miles roll by. The Vishnu Reset ( again) simply accelerates this learning behavior. A real nice thing for those who just popped in a newly reflashed ECU or want to get max performance just before an autocross run, drag strip pass, etc,.

The same things applies to the stock ECU. In stock cars, we've seen ECU resets result in up to 10hp losses which slowly add back in which each successive dyno pull. Again, this special reset just speeds along the process.

Hey, doesn't anyone want to know why this works? I don't think anyone has asked that yet... any guesses?

Happy Driving To All,

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