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Originally Posted by VT_Hatch View Post
I've had this problem happen for the past 16000 or so miles, it's been "fixed" a couple of times and it still keeps happening. I'm fairly sure this will be the final winter for my car ('09 wrx) because I'm sick of the horrible transmission, the **** service, and the records that keep getting tacked on to my car's history, which will make a future buyer very suspicious. Not to mention, this '09 with 27000 miles is on it's THIRD A/C unit, the dash makes more noise than my 1998 Legacy ever did, and something in the back (not the hatch, not the cross bar) rattles and buzzes non-stop.

In short, this is my third Subaru, I love them, but this particular car is a piece of **** and it's going to be gone very soon, not to be replaced with another Subaru. Maybe I've just had very bad dice rolls, but the lack of service at my local dealer (claims to be the "most knowledgable dealer in New England") has just pissed me off to no end.

Oh, did I mention the paint is ruined after 27000 miles? Not only from rock chips and peeling, but the ****ing morons at the dealership "washed" it and scratched EVERY body panel.

Sheesh...I thought I had bad luck man, sorry to hear all this. I think they ran mine through an auto wash last service visit and I made them use rubbing compound on the scratch that was left behind by a little spec of tar that got pulled a foot across the top of my bumper...luckily the compound did take it off.

I make sure I look every time before I leave especially since I found a suspicious small tool dent above my brake light last year, first dent I ever had on the car and it couldn't have gotten there any other way than someone hitting it with something...maybe a jack hand or something.

I also made them replace the large piece of interior moulding that covers the seatbelt beam that they scratched pretty bad when working on my seat one time.

Mine, knock on wood, has had no major mechanical problems except for the irritation of this clutch vibration. The paint in the front of the car does have a fair amount of chipping from rocks, especially on the bumper and factory ground effects, but luckily I have not had any peeling.

Only things I have had to replace are a seat frame that a spring broke inside of which was making noise and lost it's little bit of support, and a brake light switch that was causing my vdc to work improperly, but both things were covered under warranty. I have just shy of 25K Miles now...unfortunately I do not think I will be able to get 3 years out of my bumper to bumper but I am trying : ).

They told me that this clutch issue might even be covered after warranty if something happened after 50K Miles because I have documented it so many times. I am going to give SoA another call soon to give them the dates, weather conditions, and rpm that the clutch vib has happened over the last 6 months. It was pretty good through the summer but it has def typically been worse in the fall and winter.
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