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Originally Posted by Harman Motive, Inc. View Post
Like jkopinga said; pre-ignition. Melts holes in pistons really quick. Probably happened due to a lean condition and a lot of knock.

This is one of the better write-up on pre-ignition and detonation online:
Good read, thanks for sharing that article.

Originally Posted by jkopinga View Post
Have had one Spec C engine blow the 2nd time now :-( It's probably also caused due to pre ignition. Checked everything. Fuel pump, injectors, etc. etc.

Had the DET cans on and nothing to be heard until there was suddenly a big cloud of smoke and oil splashing everywhere in the engine bay :-(

**** happens!


Forgive my noobness, but if it were pre-ignition and not detonation, wouldn't the hole be in the center of the piston rather than at the bottom of the cylinder near the exhaust valves?
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