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Just my 2 cents. 95% of the people on these forums are stupid impenetrable rejects who want a car like a Subaru because it's "cool" much like smoking was in the 70's/80's. The other 5% with automotive knowledge and common sense, continually try, time and time again to educate you blathering morons about what is "right" when doing DIY projects. Listen to these 5% please!!! It's actually probably less than 5% actually. From the ****ty ****ing welds that you post to your ghetto ricer HID's, listen to these people. BTW, if you've properly pulled off a real retrofit with out removing the "squirrel finder" the light you see above your cutoff is OK!!! This subtle light is intended to illuminate road signs but not to blind oncoming traffic. Most of us have REMOVED the squirrel finder while doing our real retrofits. Please do yourself a favor and do a REAL retrofit.
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