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Code: P0500 Vehicle speed sensor malfunction &
P1540 Vehicle speed sensor malfunction 2
2000 Impreza 2.5 Rs
Mileage: roughly 78k
Fix for problem: Havn't done it yet but need to check the wiring for my TCII and the reconections from removing the FieldsSFC-Hyper R. Its says if it is not throwing the P0720 Output speed sensor (vehicle speed sensor 2) circuit malfunction code and the speedo works to check the wring to make sure it has a 10ohm connection in the wiring from the ECU harness to the Gauge Cluster Harness. So I know it must be something in my wiring. I had him clear the codes and it has yet to throw the code again, so I tthink it was just a glitch. But I will be checking it again.

Also the OBDII reader said that the code was set off at 2250rpms and at 0mph . Thats funny since I was already in third speeding up to 60 when the Check Engine light came on.
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