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Aut Kaiser,
aut nullus.


Dear Old Bastard in the SUV across from me at that intersection in Darien today,

Just because you've always jumped the green light in order to make your left turn (thereby cutting off the opposing traffic that's going straight) doesn't mean you won't come up against someone like me someday.

Today was that day. Here's what tipped me off: the fact that you'd already turned your wheels fully left and were halfway into the intersection before the light even turned green. Not turning your blinker on ALMOST fooled me, btw. As I made it into the intersection first, making your wait your turn (as the traffic laws state you should), please don't misconstrue my slowing to 3mph as anything other than a physical display of my utter contempt for drivers like you.

You get NOTHING. You LOSE. Good DAY, sir.

Deprecatingly yours,

P.S. BOOYAM. +2.
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