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Default welding cast aluminum sti bellhousing

can this be reliably done by a pro to fix this: (if you have the broken off peices?) (mine isn't as bad as the one below, my passenger side mount is intact and still holds the bar, only the drivers side by the hole/plug broke.)

not my bellhousing^^^^^^ mine is only broken on the one side, the right side in that picture, or drivers side in car...

any other ways to reinforce it without binding the rod (it has to come out to separate the trans from the motor.) i have considered a dremel + wire brush and gobs of jb weld. $400 for a bellhousing from SOA is steep, especially for such a dumb failure.

my other idea is pulling the rod slightly out so it is 3/4 of theway into the side with the dowel pin in it, and the other side is tappedin the center to put a bolt in then pull it all out when you need to.

now that it is resting on the threads in the hole (which would be very hard to break) i would drill a hole in the plug, put the plug in as far as it needed to go, then put a bolt through the plug, and tighten it to the dowel rod. the rod won't turn because of the dowel pin, and should be securely held in place.

worst case scenario it breaks the unbroken left side(pic above is not mine, mine hasn't come off the car yet) and i have to spend $400 for a new one.

unfortunately my clutch is an 04 and pull type so push type hydraulic clutches are out of the question. and i'm not dropping 2k on a clutch right now, mine is fairly new, supposedly.

if it breaks i just won't be able to stop at a stoplight without killing the engine and starting it in gear with the starter, shifting(at least to get me home) can be done by careful rev-matching. which i've gotten decent at through heel-toing. the syncros won't super like me, but they'll survive, especially with infrequent shifts for just one trip home.

opinions, either one a feasible option?

slightly more expensive would be to go to the machine shop and have them fab up a replacement rod that's slightly longer. with the new mounting method the threads in the hole on the right side will not have much stress on them and should be fine. a bracket could be added to the starter to cap off that area as well to make sure the rod can't come out far enough even if anythign were to happen. and as the starter must be removed anyway this would be easy.
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