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Default Very interesting

Thanks Jon for all that research, it is interesting to see how the empherical work of Shiv and the theoretical research of the patents works out. The big danger of empherical evidence is some times you can come up with a perfectly logical theory that just happens to fit reality over a specific range of circumstances, but may in fact not be correct. (no slight intended to Shiv his is the toughest nut to crack)

Thanks Shiv for the qualification that you realize your learning as you go on this and I would caution everyone to understand the limitations that sort of learning process creates. It is terrific that Shiv is willing to lay out on the table what as he so eloquently put it "or what I think I know".

Now that Jon has layed out a theoretical basis for the timing computation process Shiv should be able to figure out a test case (sometimes easier said than done) that will clearly show which possible interpretation is closer to being correct.

Along that line, Shiv your observation about maximum knock correction authority being in the 5000 rpm range makes perfect sense in that , that is the approximate rpm for max torque, which by definition is the point where the engine develops max VE , and as a consequence max MEP (Mean effective Pressure). There would be a natural reduction in cylinder pressures at higher rpms, do to the drop in VE which results from the shorter intake cycles. I have run across several sources that state the max torque portion of the rpm band it typically the most knock prone.

Keep up the brain storming session guys this is getting fun!!

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