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Originally Posted by wrxkyle View Post
alright i got the bar back in and backed it out enough to be stable and it holds the clutchpressure, haven't assembled everything yet as i need to plug for phase 2

i figure if this holds permenantly great. if not, i'm not out anything more, i don't see anything i could eff up doing it, so it's a go

i'm going to drill a hole through the allen head plug that goes on, thread it on only partially, and then put a bolt through that hole and screw into the threaded portion of the rod. if all goes well it should hold a good long time.

on a side note, could a new plug be fabbed that's stronger and then a grade 20 or something bolt be threaded through that and the rod- and then the bolt going through the plug would actually support the load?
the rod will be held in the hole that the plug normally goes into. the plug will only be inserted partially, and a bolt will tighten the plug to the rod. so the only way it's going to break is if the mount where the forked side of the rod goes into breaks. i have considered getting a longer bar to put in and cutting the fork into the far side so it can mount up right.

or as mentioned in an above post(i think) a bracket that blocks the hole off could be fabbed and mounted to the starter, then the longer rod couldn't ever come out without the starter off.

seems like it would be short work for a machine shop to pump out a fixed diameter polished rod with a recess cut in one end. i'm willing to bet the stock rod is a generic size too.

guess i could have made that clearer

i'm going to try this option today when i can get one of the plugs from subaru and see how easy it is to drill out. might have to take the plug to the machine shop too. and again, if it doesn't work it's not like i'm out anything (well maybe anew plug but i could even just seal that with jb weld or even some rtv to keep dirt and drainage out, but then again the boot right under the scoop/tmic isn't a tight seal on the fork at all either so i'm not too worried about it.
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