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its not that theres not enough data.....its that you have to look at the right data......

when trying to do a comparison looking at boost and AFR really mean diddly squat without looking at the MAFv.......and MAF scaling in general and the overall setup of the fueling and timing maps.

And without understanding how the roms are setup.....where increase in MAFv = increase in engine load = being at different spots on the fueling and timing maps....its really hard to draw a conclusion about where the power came from

IE, if the car was riding the high load column for timing and fueling on the OTS map.....and then you increase the MAFv (engine load) and your running the same timing and fueling columns.....or if the car wasnt riding the high load column, then how did the timing and fueling change in the new columns and how is that represented in the logged data.

The differences i've noticed putting headers on cars usually shows a DROP in psi at high rpm while increasing the airflow. Boost /=/ airflow which is why looking at the MAFv is so important.

Keep in mind i didnt set out to do a test.........but the increase in airflow is above 5000rpm at equal or lower boost is easily seen. A lot better than saying "well the car leaned out for some reason"

here is the MAFg/s from adding a GT Spec EL header to an 07 STi

At 1 psi less boost above 6000rpm

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