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Originally Posted by zero-g View Post
I agree stock brakes have ample stopping power and last good enough for normal driving. As for my 2010 STI and my driving, the front rotors were cooked by 8,000 miles and readyfor a turning and all the pads were glazed. Pedal feel, feedback and pulsing were all issues. An upgrade to aluminum hat slotted-drilled rotors and Porterfield pads were definitely called for. Admittedly I can stop no faster than before, but the feel and control is now vastly improved. Reduced unsprung weight was an added bonus. I expect not to have to even think about my brakes for a very long time. With my previous Mazda I did a similar upgrade with the stock calibers and went 130K without a single brake issue. Had at least 3/4 of the pads left when I unloaded it too. Just saying brake upgrades can be justified, but 12 bills for brakes isn't for everyone.
Glazing happens because the brakes are not used as much or as hard as they could be. You don't see glazing on track cars because the material is used up pretty quickly. If you replaced your rotors with $12 rotors from autozone, and new pads, you'd have experienced equally improved braking feel.

I will say that your new rotors and pads will likely be fine for you, so long as you stay off the track. I've run quite a few of my daily drivers up to close to 100k miles with one set of rotors and many pad changes due to many, many track days on stock brakes. Showroom stock forces this. Proper cool down was always the key for me. Last lap is always done with Zero braking and then once off the track, I drive around for 5 minutes with no brakes. This is why I don't warp rotors.
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