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Default 09 impreza clutch/throwout bearing issues

Name: Seth

Make: 09 Impreza WRX

Mileage: ~19k

Time Out Of Use: one week

Problem And Likely Cause: large amounts of vibration in clutch when disengaged clutch pedal

Modifications: none other than tint

Submitted For Warranty Work (Yes/No): No (see below)

Reason Given For Denial: normal wear item

Your Story: At 8.5k miles my whole clutch went out. I was cruising on the highway with the cruise on and the clutch starting slipping constantly. The dealer (Mike Shaw Subaru) gave me a goodwill replacement on the clutch, flywheel, and throwout bearing. I was informed at the time that the throwout bearing went and damaged the clutch in such a manner that caused it to slip.

Given a new clutch and how quickly it went, I went out of my way to be as gentle as possible on the clutch. No dropping, slipping or ridding of the pedal. Last week, I was exiting the highway shifted into neutral and coasted to a stop. When I started again the when I was disengaging the clutch pedal (about 1.5k rpms engine 1st gear) and i felt an abnormal amount of vibrations. Every shift there after I felt the same vibrations, even in reverse. The next day I dropped the car off at a transmission place near my work.

The mechanic took apart the transmission and found that "the clutch was disentegrating". There were bits of clutch everywhere in the transmission. The mechanic had the clutch inspected by the clutch doctor, the only thing other than that there was unusually extreme wear was that there was an large amount of what he thought to be anti-seize inside the housing. The mechanic then resurfaced the flywheel. The mechanic also noted that the shaft the throwout bearing is mounted on has a little indentation in it.

I've been in discussion with my dealer and they said they needed to see the clutch, throwout bearing and flywheel. Since the flywheel was in good enough condition for the mechanic to resurface it I gave the dealer the clutch and throwout bearing. I spoke with the service manager this morning and here is the summary of the discussion:
1. he commented there was excessive wear on the clutch, and didn't comment on the throwout bearing
2. they needed to drive the car to prove anything towards the issue being covered under warranty.

Currently the car is at the transmission place (in pieces) about 45 miles away from the dealer. So I'm in a pickle and not sure what to do, any help would be awesome!
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