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Got a fairly conservative "Stage 1" road tune on my 2011 WRX. Baseline and after tune information is included. Only changes to the car are an SPT Cat Back Exhaust and the 16" steelies and winter tires. RomRaider log was used to create the dyno plot using Virtual Dyno set with CF=1 (which makes Virtual Dyno read similar to COBB's Mustang dyno, see below). I'm very happy with how the tune turned out. Much smoother and pulls noticeably hard through the low/mid range and up to the top end. Torque increase is very nice

Event: Stage 1 Road Tune
Location: MN
Ambient Temp: 40F
Elevation: 725ft
Weather: Cloudy
Road Conditions: Flat
Tires: General Altimax Artic 215/55R16

Car: 2011 WRX 5 Door
Tuner: Nuke
Dyno Info: Virtual Dyno - CF=1
Transmission: Stock 5 Speed
Gear: 3rd
Target Boost: 17psi
Target AFR: Unknown
Fuel: 91 Octane Unleaded
Engine/Power Modifications: SPT Cat Back Exhaust
Driveline Modifications: None
Suspension Modifications: None
Other Modifications: 16" Steel Wheels
Peak HP at RPM: [email protected],000rpm
Peak Torque at RPM: [email protected],000rpm
Stage 1:
Peak HP at RPM: [email protected],100rpm
Peak Torque at RPM: [email protected],400rpm

Just for comparison, here is how my car's pull, calculated on the Virtual Dyno (CF=1), stacks up against COBB's Mustang Dyno baseline runs on 08+ STI's and 09+ WRX's.

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Here are the results from COBB's baseline dyno runs (as posted on their site):

STI, 2008, 233/253, Barnes, Andrew
STI, 2008, 239/258, COBB Tuning
STI, 2008, 247/245, Hoffman, Aran
STI, 2008, 245/242, Motorsports, Performance
STI, 2008, 236/238, Pickett, Rob
STI, 2009, 243/245, Diens, Tim
STI, 2010, 228/239, COBB Tuning
STI, 2010, 226/240, Pentimonti, Tony
STI, 2011, 236/227, Mitchell, Mario
STI, 2011, 250/254, Pease, Dave
STI, 2011, 251/255, COBB Tuning
STI, 2008+, 239/245, AVERAGE

WRX, 2009, 231/239, Brackenbrough, Mike
WRX, 2009, 241/239, Braun, Jeremy
WRX, 2009, 233/248, Keenan, MJ
WRX, 2010, 244/258, COBB Tuning
WRX, 2010, 244/258, Branen, Charles
WRX, 2010, 246/259, Gill, Evan
WRX, 2011, 223/255, COBB Tuning
WRX, 2011, 251/255, Miller, Josh
WRX, 2011, 218/251, Vonali, Ritter
WRX, 2009+, 237/251, AVERAGE
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WRX, 2011, 242/261, xluben's WRX
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