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Originally Posted by TrueSilver View Post
Does anyone play the new medal of honor? It has more realism then mw2 on multiplayer. Also how is black ops? I passed on getting it since Infinity Ward is not involved.
You're the first person I have ever heard say they like Medal of Honor. Black Ops is a decent FPS but nothing mind blowing or life changing. Honestly I think it is really MW3 with a different name.

The guns and perks are almost identical and I feel the game play is similar as well. There are a few minor additions to the game but at this point the CoD franchise is just coasting off the brand name and has no reason to make any significant changes.

Check this thread out and the official CoD forums for actual people's opinions. Game Informer gave it a 9/10 but their entire review article focused on all the problems with the game.

And here's my gamer tag so my post isn't too OT, even though I know none of you would want to play with me lol.

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