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Originally Posted by sc00by4life View Post
I had this big huge long post written out about how the OP is a ricer with deep pockets.

I read through your build thread. You are unprepared, and completely clueless about what you need to do to reach your goals. If you've run 9 second passes (which I highly doubt), you should already at least have an idea of what wheels and tires will make the cut.
I know what I need, i'm not familiar with a lot of import companies....I know for my car a set of Bogarts or Weld Pro Stars will do it...but for these cars...I don't know. I want to know if there is anything lighter than RPF1's basically. As for tires...yea I know I can use MT ET Streets, but I don't know if these cars react well to having those on all 4.

You can doubt me and question me all you want, I have my experience. I don't have enough and never will, but I am not a ricer with deep pockets. I have built cars from a 800hp Trans am, to an 11 second 2nd generation Camaro, to a 7 second Viper. I am trying something new for a friend (Reclusive) we are not the same person. I came to THIS forum for help on a few things, since I do NOT know everything about these cars, or any cars, but egotistical douche bags like you make people feel unwelcome and unwarrented asking simple questions.

So now back to the question, does anyone who actually has valid input have a real suggestion for a wheel lighter than an RPF1? And what about tires, should I be looking to run a wrinkle wall, or a drag radial?
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