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UPDATE - The slave Cylinder was removed, the bottom of the fork where it makes contact with the pivot ball on the gearbox was lubed with Hi Temp Lithium grease. Between the slave Cylinder pin and the top of the fork was also greased. No difference whatosever, same exact issue

So next up I will look into pulling the gear box and making checks on the TOB, Clutch, Pressure Plate and Flywheel. I will also look further into the suggestion by DPS to drill the fork and install a spring. DPS, if you're reading, please chime in....need to know the process steps, and some pics would be greatly appreciated!

Something to note - When my car is OFF, the clutch is ABOLUTELY smooth, no issues at all, when the car is STARTED then the (sometimes rough/sometimes slight) pedal feel appears. The roughness or engine vibrations comes and goes as I drive. Sometimes when I stop at a light, the pedal feels smooth, then as I drive off its back! Is this the general experience for you guys?
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