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Originally Posted by Davenow View Post
Well here we go.

This is REALLY going to upset the crybabies that spent more on their brakes than they needed to.

Hard test data.

Same car
Controlled course
Same driver.

Mazda MX-5

OEM pads
60-0 distance 115.7ft
Peak braking 1.167G
Lap time 53.10 sec

Hawk HPS pads (performane street/autocross pad)
60-0 distance 114.5ft
Peak braking 1.175g
Lap time 53.13 sec

Hawk HP+ (track day pad)
60-0 distance 114.7
Peak braking 1.162g
Lap time 53.08

Hawk DTC-60 (full on race pad)
60-0 distance 115.3ft
Peak braking 1.151G
Lap time 53.26 sec

And here is what PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS, in other words, better drivers than pretty much anyone in this thread, had to say.

"While out drivers noticed obvious differences in the feel of the brake pads, the data showed otherwise. There were no significant objective differences between any of the brake pads in terms of lap times, peak stopping forces or stopping distances . This makes sense, as we didnt change the biggest factor in braking performance: the tires

However, good pedal feel and consistancy can definitely help driver comfort- which can then translate to confidence and better performance."

There ya have it. Direct from Grassroots Motorsports magazine. Using drivers who win nationals, editorial staff that actually race, all incredibly knowledgeable people that do this day in and day out, to a level that most of us could only dream of.

Now what?

OBVIOUSLY this was done under autocross conditions, which wont bring heat fade into the picture like at a track day or long canyon carving session will. But the reality is that 99.9% of you will never be in a situation where brake fade will be an issue that isnt a result of poor braking technique anyway. So the results are 100% applicable and relevant.

In any case, this shows, beyond a shadow of doubt, that emergency stops and such (the ones that affect how "safe" your car is since some of you somehow think a 500whp car traveling at 100mph takes more force to stop than a 5whp car traveling at 100mph) are not affected whatsoever by your brake pads. Its all in the tires.

Again credit for the quoted section and data goes to GRM magazine. Another great article dispelling myths.
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