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Sure, more light is "more light", but you shouldn't be relying on your fog lights to see deer coming out of the woods at your car. That's what your high beams are for. The light from your fog lights should just be illuminating the road directly in front of your car. If your fog lights are allowing you to see creatures coming out of the woods trying to jump at your ride, your fog lights are "doing it wrong"'re absolutely right though, the "fog" lights on modern cars are a joke. Especially the GR fogs, they're useless. That's why I was curious about your statement and you saying you use them to see better in clear weather. I'm sure your upgraded bulbs help out a lot.

At least you have the right idea about the rear fog and you've given great info on it...I'm already seeing people wire up the 2011 STI sedan rear fog as a fourth brake light I'm not sure there is any hope left.

Originally Posted by irish44j View Post

additional lights = additional light directed at the road/surrounding areas. Is it alot? No. But more light is more light. And more light is always welcome when I'm driving down a dark road through the woods during deer-running season, where I want to see as much as humanly possible! Mine only add lighting to the sides, really...which is where I want it since that's where the critters crossing the road come from! I'm sure you know Clifton/Fairfax Station well....and I'm back there quite a bit.

But that's neither here nor there.....We already know that most cars these days don't actually have "fog" lights anyhow. The "fog lights" on my 09 are a total joke and do not compare to (for instance) Hella fog lights I've had on other cars in terms of lighting power.

IIRC they don't even call them fog lights on most cars these days, they call them "driving lights" because they tend to be aimed higher as auxiliary headlights rather then lower for foggy weather in particular. From what I can tell, this is the case with the "fog lights" on my wrx.

In theory, a true fog light set should be able to come on independent of the regular headlights. My Lancia in Italy was able to run with its very powerful fog lights alone on foggy days, with the beams running low under the fog, and the headlights off so as not to "scatter illuminate" the fog higher up.

I think most cars now just have them for cosmetics, because the lighting output of the small-reflector, low-watt "fog lights" in most cars these days is pretty sad.


And I do run the yellow bulbs (about 2500k halogens) primarily for looks (I like the yellow-white contrast with HIDs), but also so that in bad weather the yellow bulbs soften up the 5000k HID color for better visibility in rain/snow.
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