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I had a hard time figuring out where to put this info also. But i found a few other turbo related posts so i thought this was a good place. Plus the fact that you will see some results very soon!

Originally Posted by MAD Hammer View Post
First test in the UK of the GTX3071 does not look great tbh;t=002010;p=2
I don't know if that dyno works like a Mustang or a Dynapack, but if its like a Mustang and considering that the run started at 3000pm and floored at 3000, it seems to spool up about the same. I expect that the GTX3071 is going to act just like the GT3076R, but who really knows.

Originally Posted by MartinSTi05 View Post
Bang up job with the documentation asusual Jeff.

It seems the boost response/threshold will be what makes or breaks these units. If the 3076gtx spools like a standard 35r you will essentially be paying $400 more for the same power and response. The only difference to most would be the model# on the invoice.

Perhaps these wheels will be more efficient at higher PRs. If that is the case I think these wheels will benefit the smaller displacement Evo and Honda guys.
Exactly! Its all speculation at this point (until tonight) that these turbos are going to really kick butt. I too see the potential for the 35R like power with the faster spooling 3076R feel. Who wouldn't' want that!

They are more efficient at higher PR which is fine, but for 90% of our customers, they are not going to care. Meaning, 90% of our turbo kit customers are going to run 20-25psi. The guys going above 25psi and running it all the time are rare customers. For those who want to make a race gas map, and run 30psi once and while, i am sure they will do well, but in all my testing, i run 14psi, 20psi, 22psi and 25psi. This works perfect to compare turbos for that larger group of customers.

The comparos with the EVO are really tough in my opinion. First off they run much more boost than an STI, so they might see a bigger benifit from the higher PR's where a Suby may not. Second, because the turbo is stuck the head (relative compared to our cars) a laggier turbo isn't quite as noticeable.

Originally Posted by RealDealTarheel View Post
Do you think they'd be worth it for an EJ207 owner? If they spool and perform like a 35R I see no reason to pay $400 more for one.
No clue! But in theory, you can do the GTX3076R with very little change to response and if nothing else make more power. The issue is, if the GTX3076R spools like the GT35R, then your simple answer is GT35R.

Originally Posted by iheartwrxSTI View Post
I wonder what the comparison between the BW 8374EFR and the gtx3582 will look like. It would be nice to see similar set up cars on the same dyno and same boost levels. Also it would be nice to have an accurate pricing structure to help us potential buyers make some rough decisions.
Still waiting on mine.....

Originally Posted by TDagen View Post
This is with a stock block @ only 25psi hta86

Now imagine just 25psi with a good all out/race head port job...
btw that's just 3rd gear it spools even faster in fourth...

I'm interested to see what garretts billett wheel does comparing to forced performance... The bw efr series is another story that I'm interested in , but I need to see private parties test it before I even guess how it would act in the real world.
I see conflicting info on the head/cam cars. Some show it being a worth while investment and others do not. I have a freind i am going to dyno his car in the next week with heads/cams and we will see how that compares to mine with stock heads and cams. The problem is there is never back to backs done to prove this. Not saying their should be, because its a huge pain. I have a feeling shops doing post up many comparos with heads/cams because they typically are the ones that sold them the parts and they would never show how the $2000k in parts got them very little. I am sure they work, but in the 20-25psi area most customer tune their cars to, my opinion its not worth it.

Originally Posted by TDagen View Post
These billett wheels are the **** ! Get your efr together I'm sure that billett comp wheel with the gamma ti turbine wheel should peform pretty well, im really interested in how fast you get that beast t spool...Yeah I'm interested in what this Garrett billett has to offer too Garrett wouldn't release it if it didn't work, right !?
Originally Posted by alfriedesq View Post
Looking forward to testing

I would expect that Garret has more funds for R & D so I hope these are superior

A shame it took them so long

I would agree Garrett has more funds to test wheels so they should do better than the other billets out there. Because they have big bucks behind them they at least can provide us with graphs showing that they work. For some this will be enough to just buy one.

Also i wish they had these out a year ago. I think customers have been kind of bored with their turbo choices. Now at least there are 3 new viable choices, and if the other fit in the middle of them there are 5 potential choices.
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