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Default 2011 Subaru STI stage 2 plus intake. Before/After intake test.

Dyno: Innovative Tuning's Mustang AWD 500 SE (not inflated)
Tuner: Mike McGinnis at Innovative Tuning
Wheel HP: 281
Wheel TQ: 302
Ambient Temp: 40s
Elevation: ~700
Highest baseline wheel HP when stock: 217
Highest baseline wheel TQ when stock: 226

Car Info
Year: 2011
Engine Management: Cobb AccessTUNER Pro
Intercooler: stock
Meth Kit: stock
Injectors: DW 850cc
Intake/Inlet: Cosworth air intake kit
Headers: stock
Uppipe: stock
Downpipe: Invidia catted
CBE: Borla
Other Power Mods: walbro pump

In this thread we baselined the car and performed some initial mods and tuning:

Today we added injectors, a fuel pump, and the Cosworth air intake kit. Happily the intake did exactly what we hoped it would, which was to increase horsepower in the mid range and especially on the top end. The peak WHP only went up 19, but as you can see in the following graph, the gain near redline was massive for such an inexpensive modification. I put boost on the graphs so you can see that the change isn't from simply cranking the boost up.

The fuel mods got us back down to a safe maximum injector duty cycle, with room to grow for the future. I'm hitting at max of about 68-70% duty cycle now.

Sport sharp pulls before/after today's mods:

As usual I set sport sharp and sport up to do different things. Sport is a bit more conservative overall, less twitchy, and has a flatter torque curve. Here's the two settings after today's mods and retuning:

And here's stock vs. today's final tune to show the overall progress:

In terms of driving impressions...I'll leave that up to the car owner once he's had a chance to test out the changes.
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