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Originally Posted by Phatron View Post
No.....everything was thrown on at once.

The owner basically made the same comment after seeing your thread. "So the header and up arent really doing anything?"

Im guessing your full cbe and the header are "offsetting" each other.

He's gonna get a full 3" soon.....i thought he said he was waiting for someone to come out with one.....but if your guy has one then someones making them

Have you ever tried running the Hybrid EBCS + mbc on a SI Drive car?
Cool. I look forward to seeing what you gain with a 3" cat back.

It took some poking around, but we figured out that an 08-09 WRX Sedan cat back exhaust would fit the 2011 STI sedan. In this case it was a Borla cat back and keeping it 3" meant hacking the donut flange off it and welding a short pipe with 3" flange on it.

I haven't used an MBC in conjunction with the stock boost control system on the SI drive cars. I've run them with stock control or with an MBC. I imagine you get a little quicker spool from the MBC and retain the ability to change boost levels in different SI drive modes?

Originally Posted by xluben View Post
Great results and great comparison. I really wish more owners/shops would do a baseline run (and really as many pulls along the way as possible). It really helps other people see the actual gains that most mods will do.

The intake/injectors really added quite a bit of power up top. I'm curious if this was all because of the intake, or maybe the injectors were topping out with the old tune? Either way it looks like a nice result.

The tune you put on S mode looks good too. Very, very flat torque curve. Should be great for around town. I do wish my WRX had the capability to swap maps as easily as the STI's. Would be a very handy feature.
Thanks! If we had upgraded the fuel system without adding the intake I probably would have made an extra 3-5 WHP and had a nice cushion knowing the injectors wouldn't max out under any conditions.

Adding the intake is what provided the big increase in airflow, but without the fuel mods I wouldn't have been able to use it and generate this increase in power. I would have had to drastically reduce boost to keep airflow consistent with what the car was flowing before the intake install to keep the stock fuel system from maxing out.

The SI Drive is a really nice feature. I've used it for all sorts of different things for different customers. Some people turn their car on and set the car to sport sharp every time they drive it so I just put the sport sharp mapping in the sport slot so they don't have to do this. Sometimes one is a drag setting and the others street settings or street, road, drag, etc. It's a pretty powerful feature.

Originally Posted by xluben View Post
COBB's dyno is around 240HP for a stock 08+ STI or 09+ WRX. If you compare that to the baseline run here you'll see how much lower this dyno reads. Add 20-25HP to this and the numbers look just about right compared to yours.
240 to 315 is a 31% gain.
217 to 281 is a 29-30% gain.
I see more than 2% difference between totally stock cars so those results seem pretty similar. Without running both cars on the same dyno we can only guesstimate.
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