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Originally Posted by subaru92584

Are you guys talking about a high pitch squeling noise, similar to a loose belt. Also if you just barely press down on the clutch petal right before the clutch engages it goes away immediately. It's from a slight vibration where the clutch pin sits into the clutch fork and over time it will where a hole right thru the clutch fork. The vibration sound started on my car at about 10 k miles. I took it into the dealership two different times and both times they replaced the throw out bearing and it never fixed my problem. After that I just kept driving my car and I figured sooner or later it's going to get so bad that something is going to break and then I would finally find out where the damn noise came from.
If u have this sound, vibration problem I suggest taking it into the dealership and have them replace the clutch fork until the sound stops completely. Because I know that not every single Subaru makes that noise.
Thanks for the reply.

I do also get the split second loose beltish/rub type of sound before the car is warm when I release the clutch pedal while shifting into gear which I think can be duplicated easily if I leave my car overnight and show the dealer after a cold start but I have not done that yet.

The main issue we have been discussing is a pulsation/vibration in the clutch pedal that we feel during depressing and releasing the pedal between gear changes.

It basically feels like an electric foot massager does but in the clutch pedal, but of course a little less extreme. We feel it a lot of times after a hard pull in the early gears from a dead stop.

I have found that pumping the clutch a few times while it's happening tightens the hydraulics up a bit and stops the pulsation but often only until the next hard pull. If I don't pump the clutch after it happens, the pulsation can go on for a little while.
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