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Default TopSpeed Motorsports - **2011 STI** Invidia Race Header Tested!!

Everyone at TopSpeed is happy to announce the purchase of our most recent project car, a brand new 2011 STI.

Over the years TopSpeed has strived to stay on the cutting edge of what Subaru is doing. Along with what the aftermarket community has to offer, and the public wants. In 2004 we purchased one of the first STIs in the state and haven't stopped since. Not stopping there we have continued our development through the years with our 2005 STi and 2007 Limited projects. Then again in 2008 when the new hatch was released, we jumped right in and purchased one. Many of you may have followed the build on our 08 STi. That car ran the Ultimate Track Car Challenge and was on the cover of Grass Roots Motorsports magazine.

Needless to say we were very excited when Subaru announced the return of the STI sedan in 2011! The wheels immediately started turning here as we all sat down and began our plan of attack for the newest project.

We plan to build this project a little different then we did in 2008 with the hatch. With the 08sti build we dove in immediately with a built motor, rotated 35R, Cosworth FMIC, big StopTech brakes, coilovers, and tons of chassis work. While that car was a lot of fun, reliable and wickedly fast on track, it may not have been the most beneficial build for the community as a whole.

That being said we plan to develop our 2011 STi a little differently. We want to maximize the impact/help that this car can be to the community. While big turbos and huge brakes are cool we don't find that to be the mod path of 90% of our Subaru customers. We will focus the beginning of this build to help the majority of the Subaru community buy trying to extract the most bang for the buck.

Here are some pictures of the car as received 3 days ago with 3 miles on it.

Check back for updates regularly.

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