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Originally Posted by lilstahlly22 View Post
1. HP at the WHEELS (whp) or hp at the CRANK (chp)?
Looking for 325 whp.

2. What type of dyno are you going to be shooting for this number on?

3. If possible, tell us what shop it is. Someone may know how high or low that particular dyno reads.
DB Performance in Rogers, Mn.

4. Where do you live? If not a well known city, what is the elevation?
Minneapolis, MN

5. What kind of gas will you be using? (octane level)
One map for E85 and one for 91 if I can't find E85.

6. Are you opposed to a FMIC?
Don't want a FMIC....snow and puddles in MN wouldn't help this!

Heres what I think I need.....
1000cc injectors
walbro 255 fp
full tbe (will be catted, Invidia)
Tuned to E85

Will that get my pretty close to 325 at the wheels on that dyno? I know they ready pretty high.... if not please give me some advice! Thanks
Lol I'm afraid you've been misinformed. DB dyno reads very very low. you will need at least a 20g to make those numbers, preferably on e85. An 18g might be able to get there with ridiculously high boost and E85. If you have the stock vf39 don't expect more than 280whp, even on E85.
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