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Here's what the FEP-encapsulated O-rings look like. This is a Dash Number 040, 015, and 014.

FEP-encapsulated O-rings Close up. They're firm to the touch and don't feel at all like a standard ring. I guess the red is the FEP and the clear sheathing is silicon encapsulation. You can just make it out in the photo.

Three days later after the photo in post 1 and I see more red fluid fill up the pools on the engine block.

Begin removal. I recommend cracking open the cooling system. Makes it so much easier to get at 2 bolts on the bottom of the PS pump bracket. I recommend taking the pulley off BEFORE you take the pump off the block. I had to fire up my impact gun at 95 psi to loosen that nut with it off the car. And I live in a dry desert, so my **** doesn't get all rusted and corroded.

Now I can see where the fluid is leaking out by the trail of ATF and dust slurry caked on the side of the pump.

With the Pump and it's bracket removed I get to see the full extent of the leaking. It's on everything and it stinks.

Three bolts remove the PS pump from it's bracket. One long one from the back and two smaller ones from the front. The pulley needs to be off to get at the two front bolts. Once out of the bracket you can open the back of the pump by removing four bolts. Just lift the back off. I tapped it with my deadblow hammer and it came right off.

And I ordered the wrong O-ring. ****! Needed a Dash 037 (Dash 040 is way too big)

Dash 014 fit perfect on the inlet. That's a Dash 015 on the towel.
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