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Originally Posted by wongjonsilver View Post
+1. Or a downpipe
Originally Posted by wongjonsilver View Post
+1. I would be too
Originally Posted by xluben View Post
I'm ready to try something for the '11 WRX Hatch

This should also be compatible with the 08+ STI Hatch, so it's a fairly big market already out there
Guy built a fixture tonight (at least the start of one)...should be ready to start stuffing parts into it and see what we can pull off in the next few days. Sliding fences on the tip locators so we can adjust them easily.

Originally Posted by jaywo_23 View Post
From Portland and interested in what else you may be making
PM me, I'd like to hear more about your car. It's an earlier generation WRX, right? I have a project we are planning out for the GR that I would also like to concurrently design for the GD.

Originally Posted by iRonin View Post
Oh, whoops, yeah sedan. Alas, if I were out in Portland, I'd offer you mine. I don't imagine you'll be in the Atlanta area anytime soon?
Heh I do have friends in ATL, one of our full length exhausts is driving around there on a '72 BMW Bavaria. I am going to take some dimensions, and I am looking for someone with a stock '08+ WRX Sedan exhaust that can take some photos for me so that I can deduce whether I can just send a set of these exhausts out for test fit to someone. The Tip dimensions on our 2011 sedan exhaust, by the way, are 6 3/16" overall width.

Originally Posted by Olduwan View Post
I love your videos. I just leave them on for the Jedi Mind Tricks sound track.
Back on topic. Do you think it's possible to get a side by side comparison of sound video between the stock 2011 STI Sedan exhaust and your axle back? I'm interested but really don't like the loud bee can noise some exhaust make.
We were hoping someone would notice that track or listen to the lyrics. Heh. I think the easiest way to do that sound test for us is just to have our local customer with the staggered dual tip come down to the local dealership and do a side by side comparison. Not sure how soon we can do that though.

Originally Posted by STI 2 NV View Post
Any possibility of a catback?
We actually have a catback that we designed but there was so little difference in power and sound to the axleback, we deferred to only selling the axleback.

The catback design was a single 3" pipe into a 3" in/2.5" dual out with v-bands at the outlets and (planned) a set of v-bands halfway back on the tailpipes. We had the exhaust on our customer's car for a week and a half and about 2000 miles of driving in a variety of conditions - rain, snow, dirt, aggressive dry pavement driving, etc. and had no issues with rattling or any collisions between the exhaust and the chassis. And the design uses dual 2.5" design from the center of the car all the way to the tailpipes. I really like it, and before we thrashed the crap out of it, it looked pretty good. Here's the 'after flogging it' photo...which was also the point at which we decided never to use Vibrant hangers again...they're 400 series stainless and they rust. Lame.

We are however, planning on doing a midpipe though as well as a downpipe. That would give us a full catback design. We will also be utilizing some novel concepts to keep the sound levels down on that design, and we have plenty of space to do so with the muffler deletes out back. We may be interested in selling this catback if demand is high enough, but really, it'll be spendy. It's got four aircraft v-bands on it and is very complex tubing to ensure proper fit.

Talk to you all soon.

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