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Originally Posted by roloc31 View Post
I use Canon, but love both brands. Canon leads over Nikon in features right now. But its always a close game and comes down to personal preference. I currently use the Canon 7D. Which in my opinion is the best bang for the buck right now, even with it being a crop sensor camera. 5dMarkIII will be my next upgrade...
this is laughable... please explain to me what it leads nikon in? The only thing I can think of is 60fps in video and swivel screens....

If you want better image quality -> Nikon
If you want better autofocus -> Nikon

If you want a swivel screen -> Canon
If you want 60 fps in video -> Canon

Nikon makes the highest MP camera, D3x... Nikon makes the best high ISO camera, D3s.... Nikon has a lot of the functions of the D3 in its two smaller bodies (D700 and D300 (which includes the same autofocus)).... There are many things nikon cameras have have had as far as functions that are JUST starting to be put in canon cameras (time lapse, auto-iso in manual mode, multiple exposures, virtual horizon inside the viewfinder, etc)...

Nikon has had a huge advantage over canon with gadgets, functionality, ergo, settings, and ease of use, while canon kept upping their MP. The sad thing for nikon is that their new cameras dont seem to be very inovative, while canon has caught up to them with the functionality, nikon hasnt been doing much to stay in front. It is a back and forth battle, and I am sure canon will do things in the next couple years to put them ahead of nikon.... and in a couple more years nikon will go ahead again.
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