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Originally Posted by Snow Drift View Post
Go sit in your back seat for a 3 hour trip w/ 3 people. Then go sit in the back of an 08 WRX or 10 Legacy. It is a lot better.
1:The 08 WRX isn't much different than a 05-09 Legacy, and I have no problem if that is similar to the '12 Impreza update.

2:A 10+ Legacy is too big, and I don't need that size, or like that style.

3:I don't ride in the back seat of my own car. EVER. I DRIVE, and if I am too tired to drive, we stop, or I ride in the passenger's seat.

If I did, I would want a bigger vehicle entirely with 3+ adult passengers on board for more than a short trip.

That is what Outback has become, and Tribeca has been for since it was first built. If that was the type of driving I did, I would have picked that vehicle.

Why do you think I am so much in favor of a coupe? I DON'T NEED ROOM for more than two adult passengers in the car.

How many times do I have to re-iterate it, that not every car in the lineup needs to do the same things, like haul 4 or more 6'+ adults and their luggage from here to timbuktu...

For those who need that, fine for them/you. That is what bigger vehicles are made for, and I don't begrudge people big vehicles like some blanket SUV/van haters do.

But that doesn't mean that a smaller class car should have to meet your 4 6'+ passenger criteria, if it is supposed to be for people who don't need that extra size, weight, and aerodynamic drag.

Different cars for different purposes means exactly that... not just different shapes and sizes that should all meet one purpose that you happen to need.

Tribeca and Impreza are not supposed to be the same vehicle, otherwise they would already be the same vehicle.

I still wish Subaru would offer a coupe version, because I don't even need the rear side doors. I'd rather have a sleek liftback hatch, instead, like my 93 Probe GT had, and my 88 Mustang before that. I liked that body format, and I don't need more than that. But I want at least one of the drivetrains that my current Subarus have, either turbo flat 4 or NA flat 6, manual gearbox, and ALL WHEEL BLOODY DRIVE!!! I lived with FWD and RWD, respectively, and they didn't kill me, but I like my Subarus' stability and traction so much better.

If I can't have that... I will consider a slick 4-door, just as I did with my 2005 Legacy (while Subaru was in the middle of their coupe famine, that they are still in...) if that is the only thing Subaru will offer. But don't go cramping that style with unreasonable expectations that should instead rightfully apply to OTHER subaru products.

I was accused even as recently as earlier today, about making this argument "about me"... when you are making the argument just as much "about you", rather than making the argument about choosing product well, and having the diversity of product to choose from.
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