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Originally Posted by HipToBeSquare View Post

The Impreza is not supposed to be that big. If you NEED something that big, then it is your RESPONSIBILITY to buy a product that fits your needs.

If you want the Impreza 4-door to be that big... then HOW DARE ANYONE suggest that I shouldn't be allowed to buy a 2-door 2+2 coupe, if you guys are going to demand that the 4-door is going to be bigger than I, or ANYONE ELSE without 4 adult-size passengers need it to be.

How dare anyone suggest that I am making this all about me... when you are making it all about you. How dare anyone suggest that Subaru shouldn't explore product diversity for people who don't need behemoth cars, because it might not appeal to absolutely everyone who might need large cars... THAT SUBARU ALREADY BUILDS.

I am not speaking just for me. I am speaking for ANYONE who wants a car that isn't too big for their purposes. I am speaking for anyone who wants a good, yet space-efficient car that doesn't weigh more, take up more space, have larger frontal area, and generally be too much car than they need.

I thought SUVs were being absolutely LAMBASTED because people drive them around with no passengers, and how dare they be so wasteful and inefficient.

Yet here I am trying to advocate for NOT being wasteful, by buying only as big of a car as I need. And that is bigger than the Miata I already have, and smaller than the 2010 Legacy that I don't like or need.

Impreza is supposed to be that car. NOT just a legacy by another name. If you have irrational mandates that every 4-door should fit 4 adults, and any 2-door should be tiny... I disagree, and I live in the segment between those two points.

Hip, I think your assumption about the size of the Impreza are not accurate. It's not a mid-sized car like Legacy, Camry, Mazda6 or Accord, it's a compact car and roughly the same size/class as the the Corolla, Mazda3, Focus, Sentra and Civic but weighing 100-300 pounds more than those cars due to AWD and structural ruggedness. So why should Impreza be stuck with the interior room or utility of a Sub-Compact/Supermini like a Fiesta, Mazda2, Yaris or Fit? It doesn't compete with those smaller cars. It has to offer the same or better interior room, comfort and utility as the Compact cars it does compete against. Yes it should hold four adults in comfort. Offer a 2-door coupe? Fine, Ok, if sales justify a different body shell but it still has to be a compact car if it's an Impreza.

If anything it points out that Subaru may need a smaller vehicle for this market but that vehicle is not the Impreza.

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