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Bigger or higher performance brakes, stainless lines, street/track pads are not inherently safer. Stainless braided lines can be a problem, expecially if they don't have secure mounting brackets in the stock line locations that are bolted in place. I know first hand what happens when a braided line has too much play and rubs on the inside of a wheel.....and so did the fastest corner worker I ever saw. The tire wall cushioned my crash when the line let go. In addition, most racing organizations will recommend replacing them yearly. If you don't want to be replacing lines yearly, stick with factory OEM stuff because, well, it is safer.

If you are not boiling fluid, you don't NEED a brake upgrade. Period. Running cars on the freeway? Come on. Showroom stock roadrace cars run in 100 degree heat where your longest straightaway is 1/4 mile long, brake from about 110mph then it's 13 corners cooking the brakes on every one of them. Stock calipers are mandatory there. 20 minutes a session for HPDE's and an hour at a time for an enduro.

I do NOT have an issue with people running larger rotors, better calipers, higher surface area brake pads. My point is only that it's not necessarily going to improve anything for you. Stopping distance reduction? Zero. Tires do that.

Carry on....
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