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Hey guys, we have been crazy slammed here at the shop so we have been trying to spend the late night hours working on this project. Here is the first test, I have one more I am working on I should have posted later this week. Also weather permitting we will be at the drag strip this saturday for some stock turbo quarter mile numbers.


This will be the first of many tests to come...

For this test we will installing and testing the new Invidia EL Race header, and uppipe. This is the latest Invidia design using larger primary runner diameters in an equal length package. It also has yet to be tested back to back so we figured this would be a good first test to share with the community.

In an attempt to make this an accurate comparison we wanted to be sure to maximize the potential of the car before and after the install, as well as do same day testing. For this test the TopSpeed 2011 sti was baselined with a full Invidia turbo back system using a catted downpipe. Once the baseline dyno tune was completed and the car mapped for the parts already installed we moved the car onto the lift for the header and uppipe install.

Prior to installing headers or uppipes we prefer to wrap them in heat wrap. From years of testing we have found that heat wrap plays a major role in subaru's. It helps keep the IAT's down, as well as increasing spool and power delivery. If you have the chance to wrap your headers and uppipe do it as there really isn't a drawback in doing so.

Installing both the header and uppipe were straight forward and we give them a TopSpeed fitment of A++. Everything lined up perfectly... as expected since we chose to use all exhaust pieces from one manufacture and not mix match pieces. Included were all bolts and gaskets needed, we chose to run factory gasket on the heads instead of the supplied ones in the kit.

Now the part everyone wants to see.... the dyno graphs and data:naughty:.

Run#14 is with the header, uppipe, TBE and custom tune
Run#09 is just the TBE and custom tune

It is quite obvious that the header and uppipe allow the car to make more power from the above before and after dynograph. What isn't so obvious is with the new header and uppipe the car actually made less boost for most of the dyno pull. This is because of many different factors. Mostly though it can be summed up that the header and uppipe have made the engine a more efficient air pump and the stock VF turbo is not able maintain the CFM required. Even still less boost doesn't mean this is a bad header. Because now we are able to run more timing on pumpgas safely because of the drop of exhaust density and egt's

Here are the boost plots and timing plots from both runs so you can see the differences. Notice on the boost plot it is down about 1psi from 4k up, yet we am able to run 3deg more timing through most of the rpm range.

Boost Plot

Ignition Timing

At the end of the day we think this is an amazing header. Anything that allows the motor to breath better and make more SAFE power gets a TopSpeed thumbs up.

We will also do this test again when we upgrade the turbo as we expect the gains with that test to be even better.

We will be stocking these so if interested give us a call..


TopSpeed Motorsports
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